If you have enjoyed my web site and would like to have a permanent copy to browse at your leisure, I will (if there is enough interest) be compiling a CD rom when I have added to and finished all my web pages. All the pictures will be shown at much higher resolution and will include video clips I have taken at kite festivals in the Far East and Europe.

The videos will include flying : Chinese dragon kites, a variety of Oriental kites, kites from my collection, some of the worlds best kite makers flying their beautiful kites, power kiting, synchronised and multi kite flying by Ray Bethell, Sky Dance, the Decorators, Ron Reich and many more.

To give me some idea as to whether I should go ahead and produce a CD rom it would be helpful to know if anyone would be interested in buying it - it would probably cost around £10.00 + postage. Please e-mail me.

I also have hours and hours of un-edited films and videos that I have taken over the last 30 years from every part of the world. There are some great shots of Chinese Dragons, a variety of Japanese kites, kite fighting, giant kites, some of the most beautiful kites in the world etc. Although mainly single line kites there are some wonderful shots and magical moments of solo and multi kite flying by Ron Reich, Ray Bethell and Mark Coventry also wonderful team flying displays by Sky Dance, Air Craft, the Decorators, etc. There is also some memorable footage of Top of the Line, Chicago Fire, Hawaiian Delights and many others.

Again, if there is enough interest I will endeavour to spend some time editing it all together. Those who have seen some of my videos have being asking me for years to produce a completed tape.

It would be PAL VHS only to start with but if sufficient people wanted it in NTSC I should be able to find a company to convert it for me.

To give me some idea of interest - price around £12.00 + postage. Please e-mail me.