Teizo Hasimoto San in his Workshop - Japan 1976

This section is still under construction but will include when completed a
page for each of the following

Barry Poulter
Betty Street & Bill
Charlie Charlton
Claudio Capelli
Dave Green
Dave Holt
Dave Wagner
David Baille
Don Mock
Eiji Ohashi
Eli & Shula Shavit
Eric Curtis & Anne Sloboda
Frank Schiwieman
  Frits Jansma
George Peters
Ha Yiqi
Iqbal Husain
Jan & Wilma Fischer
Gill Bloom
Jilly Pelham
Joel Scholz
John Eaton

Jorgen Moller Hansen
Jurgen Ebbinghaus
Mark Coventry
Martin Lester
Masaaki Modegi
Masaaki Satoh
Martine & Joel
Maurizio Angeletti
Michael Alvares
Michael Goddard
Michel Gressier
Mikio Toki
Nick James
No Limits
Pan Gang
Pauline Taylor
Peter Lynn
Peter Powell
Peter Rieleit
Peter Sauer
Peter Waldron
Phil Womack
Pierre Fabre

Ray Bethell
Robert Trepanier
Rolf Sturm
Rolf Zimmermann
Ron & Marlo Miller
Scott Skinner
Seiko Nakamura
Shi Zhoa
Sky Dance
Stafford Wallace
Steve Brockett
Tal Streeter
The Decorators
Thomas & Connie Roth
Tiezo Hashimoto
Ton Oostveen
Ton Vinken
Tony Cartwright
Tsutomo Hiroi
Will Koch
Wolgang Shimmelpfennig
Yoshizo Sakuraba
and many more

Most of the above I have met at Kite Festivals throughout the World. If you are not on the
my list it is because our paths have not crossed or I do not have photographs of your kites.
If you would like to be included please send me some pictures of you and your kites thanks.

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