The history of kite flying is a long tale stretching back over 3000 years long before the written word and many theories have been suggested as to how the kite was invented.

Many think that China was the most likely home of the kite as the Chinese had already discovered how to weave the thread of the silkworm into material and bamboo was readily available. Others believe it could have been independently invented by the Malaysians or Indonesians who first made kites from leaves and also have a very long history of kite flying.

It is thought that Buddhist missionaries from China started the spread of kites throughout Korea and Japan where both peoples developed their own particular style of kite.


A little later it spread to the many Polynesian and Pacific Islands and there is a lot of evidence of kite making in Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma and India around the same time. The silk route was also thought to be responsible for spreading kites into Arabia and North Africa. Portuguese traders and the Dutch East India Company were thought to be responsible for introducing kites into Europe, other theories suggests that Kengis Khan and his Mongolian warriors brought kites with them when they invaded And ruled most of central Europe and Asia.