Kite Workshops        

I have over 25 years experience in kite making workshops dealing with both children and
adults and have been recommended by many education authorities and organisations.

         Enjoy a wonderful day learning the art of making, and flying kites.

 Kite making is a cross-curricular activity and is
an enjoyable way of learning about Science,
Art, Maths, History, Geography, different
countries and cultures - China, Japan, India,
etc. It can be used as a CDT, GCSE project
or be introduced as part of a topic on flight,
wind, air, symmetry etc. It involves working
together using different materials, using manual,
and artistic skills.

 A kite workshop takes a whole day which gives me time to show a video, talk about kites in
general, answer any questions, safety aspects etc and most importantly teach the children how
to make and fly a kite (I guarantee every kite will fly). When every pupil has completed their kite
we all go outside and fly our kites (I will bring a selection of my own to fly).

Although requiring some care and basic skills kite making can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.
With all the modern materials now available, the sky is the limit! and by following some simple
rules of aerodynamics anyone can make and fly kites of their own design or bizarre ideas.

For a Day to Remember Contact  - THE KITEMAN

A full days kite workshop in school consists of :

Assemble a selection of my kites in the hall e.g.Chinese, Japanese, octopus, multi-cell kites,

parafoil, dragon, birds, a 5 metre high friendship kite and many others.

Introduction and 20 minute video of Kite Festivals showing Chinese, Japanese, European and
stunt/sports kites.

Brief history/questions and answers: largest number of kites flown at one time, largest, longest,
smallest etc.

How to make and fly a kite.

The safety aspects involved in kiteflying.

All pupils make a kite decorate, attach bridles and flying line.

All class/classes outside to fly their own kites. Children and teachers fly some of my kites (wind permitting).

   All materials and equipment can be provided.

Kite workshops can tailor made to your requirements

If I cannot provide the workshop because of distance etc. I may be able to put you in
touch with a kite maker in your area.

If you are a kite maker and do kite workshops please let me know and I will put your
name and the services you provide in my address book.

     Anyone interested in a kite workshop, etc. can contact me at