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Pasir Gudang Kite Festival :-   Kite Festivals - Other Festivals - Malaysia 
Kite Festival Dates courtesy of Julie White :-  Kite Festivals - Festival Dates
Kite Clubs Listing courtesty of Richard Nourse Poolekiters.
Another page of large kites.
Kite Memorabilia
Updated Sunderland & Cleethorpes Kite Festivals
More of Mr Ha's Chinese kites for sale
2001 Pasir Gudang Kite Festival :- Kite Festivals - Other Festivals - Malaysia

I am sorry my site is nowhere near completion. I had wanted to finish every page but now realise my web site will never be finished and will always need constant updating and adding to therefore I have decided to go ahead now and I will add more pages, pictures, links, text and other information as I finish them.

This is my first attempt at building a web site and I know there will be many mistakes - please forgive me. Like Richard Branson I suffer from dyslexia but unlike him I have not made my first million yet! Every word and sentence has been a real struggle for me (thank god for spell checkers and Jeanette). This has being a real challange for me but I wanted to share some of the joy and pleasure that kiting has given me over the years and hopefully in the process convert a few more people to the wonderful world of kite flying.

If you want to point out any errors, mistakes, broken links etc or want me to add information that would be interesting to others or comment on my site please e-mail me.

I'm sorry I have not included any video, it took up too much memory and to long to down load.
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