Mikio Toki Kites for Sale

  Yakko Kite (centre) £1000 + P&P
        Size 2.2m x 2.35m approx
Mikio Toki San is reconized around the World as one of Japans best kite artist and maker of traditional kites. Every kite is hand made and take from a day to over 1 month to complete. He cuts and shapes the bamboo frame and beautifully paints the decoration on to the washi paper.

All are signed by Mikio Toki San

His kites are all excellent flyers and cost from about £40 to £1400 for the larger Edo's (depends on Yen exchange) P&P extra. the larger ones will be shipped direct from Japan. (they don't fold up)

I have range of cheaper Mikio Toki kites which are made of bamboo and printed paper covering of his designs and are easy self assembled.

Daruma Edo Kite £180 + P&P
Size 80cm x 47cm approx

Crane,Wave & Sun £220 + P&P
Size 90cm x 56cm

Wave & Sun £40 +P&P
Size 50cm x 37cm approx

Crane, Wave & Sun £40 + P&P
Size 50cm x 37cm approx

Toki San £40 + P&P
Size 50cm x 37cm approx

Mt Fuji & Dragon £40 + P&P
Size 50cm x 37cm approx
 There are a lot more designs to be added. I also have a cheaper range of easy self assembled paper and bamboo kites with the covering a copy of one of Mikio Toki's paintings.                                                All cost £16 + P&P See below




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