Note the thin body for a female. This kite is decorated with many bats which is a symbol for lots of good luck and prosperity.

Made by Zhao Shi Ming. Beijing


Made by Mr. Ha Yiqi one of China's most famous kite makers. The bright colours and designs on the wings are the same as those used in many Chinese carpets. The eyes rotate when the wind passes through them.
2.5 metre wing span.



Hand painted silk wings and paper mashie body. From Beijing


The crane symbolizes longevity as it alleged to live 1000 years. Made in Weifang with a wing span of 2.5 metres. Nick-named Rodney and is flown regulary at kite festivals in England. This is one of two in my collection, the other made by me.


The dragon is a symbol of power and prosperity as it can ascend into heaven. This dragon is 100 metres long and requires six people to launch. Very spectacular to see flying. Flown at most kite festivals in England

Made by Low Chin Mjhee

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