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Welcome to the website of the


About this website

My website is intended for everyone - for those who know nothing at all about kites, kite enthusiasts or even students seeking information for projects.

You'll find galleries of my oriental kite collection, an extensive collection of photos from kite festivals we have visited and a fascinating historical timeline of the history of kites, plus much more.

For whatever reason you have visited my site, I hope you will enjoy your stay and get a better understanding and insight into this fascinating subject and the magic of kite flying.

However, be warned....kite flying can be contagious and can seriously affect your bank balance!

About me

I'm Malcolm Goodman, nicknamed "The Kiteman" by local children. I have been responsible for introducing many thousands of people to the joys of kite flying by giving kite displays, teaching kite workshops, organising kite festivals and helping to form kite clubs. In my spare time I can be found in schools, art centres etc. teaching the art of kite making.

I am now looking to find a new home for my extensive collection, for more information on this please click on read more.

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My Kites

I have an extensive collection of kits that I have collected over 40 years from all over the world. Here is a sample lorem ipsum.
They range in lorem ipsum sit amec. Learn about them all here

Chinese kites Chinese kites

Chinese kites

Japanese kites Japanese kites

Japanese kites

Indian kites Indian kites

Indian kites

Vietnamese kites Vietnamese kites

Vietnamese kites

Thailand Thai kites



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The fastest recorded speed of a kite is over 120 mph.


Benjamin Franklin used a kite to prove that lightning was electricity!


The aeroplane is a development of the kite.


Kites were used in the American Civil War to deliver letters and newspapers