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Pursuing my hobby to most parts of the World for over 30 years, I have built up one of the largest and most comprehensive Oriental Kite Collections in the World.

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The collection includes beautiful and spectacular 3-D silk butterflies and birds, exquisite miniature kites from 5mm (1/4") to huge l00 metre dragons from China, hand painted kites from Japan depicting warriors, priests and folk heros, traditional snake and bird kites from Thailand, the decorative Wau Bulan from Malaysia, life-like birds from Bali and Vietnam, leaf kites from Indonesia, tissue paper fighter kites from India, Korea and many more.

The following gallery shows just a few of my favourite kites and portray both the artistic skills and culture of this ancient oriental art form. Each category will take you to my photo album on flickr. To view all my albums (there's a lot!) go to my flickr page

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